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Voila Pansies

The happy Pansy comes in many colors and sizes. My study started with the simple voila, commonly called Johnny Jump Ups, and progress to the larger blossoms in the Viola family known as the Pansy.

The Johnny Jump Up blossoms in this piece measure 1 inch across. These Viola flowers have deep purple on top with one having the traditional yellow pattern, and the other having a soft rose pattern in the lower petals. Each Viola has dark purple veins to define the face of the flower.

The Pansy flower mix in this piece, include the well-known purple with a lighter blue bottom. The other Pansies are colored in light blue, soft yellow, ruby red, soft pink, and orange yellow, to show the many color combinations available in this wonderful flower. Each Pansy blossom has the fine lines, produced by smaller beads in the lower petals, to help give the illusion of happy Pansy faces. Each Pansy plant has two full blossoms with three buds. The container is a shimmering iridescence Raku vase that is deep blue over a creamy white glaze. This piece measures 17 inches high and is 11 inches across.

Voila Pansies

Created in 2005


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