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Sarracenia Pitcher plant




The Sarracenia, or Pitcher Plant, grows in swampy moist areas. They have adapted to poor soil conditions by modifying their leaves to form the familiar pitchers, which attract insects with their scent, and then when trapped inside, are drowned and dissolved for the plant's nutrition. The hood of the pitcher can be closed by the plant when there is too much rain. In doing so, a few creatures, like ants, frogs and bats, have made the pitcher plant their home.  These creatures in turn provide nutrition to the plant and reduce the need for the plant to fill its pitcher with digestive fluids. 


In addition to each stage of the leaf cycle, I’ve also added the unique flowers that bloom on long stems above the plant, which protect the bee pollinators from the hazards inside the pitchers. I have also included a beaded butterfly and many beaded ants to represent some of the insects attracted to the plant. 


 I chose to plant this beaded pitcher plant in a hand made oak and cherry wood barrel, with copper rings, that can be touched to turn on the LED lights placed inside each large pitcher. This adds a soft glow to the large pitchers and the piece. This piece stands 25 inches high and is 12 inches in diameter. 

Sarracenia Pitcher plant

Created in 2014


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